Dealing With And Overcoming The Challenges Of The 21st Century


In life, you will become as small as your controlling desires and as great as your dominant aspirations. In all human affairs, there are efforts and there are results – and more often than not – the strength of the effort is the measure of the result – chance is not. Gifts, intellectual, spiritual and material possessions are the fruits of effort – they are thoughts completed, objectives accomplished and visions realized.

Yes, the challenges of the 21st century as manifested in the family, career, friendship and health are a daily battle. However, in this book, Cecily shows that small changes in your approach to dealing with and overcoming them will have a dramatic positive impact in your life. In the modern world and a time when these changes are inevitable, this book is invaluable.

Dealing with and overcoming the inevitable challenges of the 21st century calls for developing a definite purpose in your life to cultivate creative vision and change established habits. In this book, Cecily explains how to go about this with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes. Therefore, prepare to have your hope and energy rekindled and rejuvenated all because you already have what it takes to overcome them. You will discover how to overcome trials, setbacks and self-doubt as you press towards the reality of experiencing your dreams. You will then realize that today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.


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