Empowered For Change


In this groundbreaking book, Cecily Mwaniki, the author of ‘Becoming the Better You’ and ‘Dealing With and Overcoming the Challenges of the 21st Century’ empowers families to achieve health and wealth.

With her signature mix of insight, compassion and soul-deep recognition, Cecily equips families with empowering messages to influence them to change to achieve the most needed health and wealth for total well-being in the 21st century. Cecily has a burning passion to empower families and particularly women and young people who she believes are the backbone of the most desired healthy and wealthy families which impact positively on society. She challenges people to be the change they are desperately looking for in the world.

The message in this book is vital and is designed to impact and transform you positively. You will be empowered and prepared to experience abundant life with its highs and lows, changing seasons and ever-expanding horizons. You will realize the most desired success in a natural by man is already with you and only needs to be explored and lived.

This makes the ‘Empowered for Change to Achieve Total Well-being for a Healthier and Wealthier Family’ a must-read for any modern woman, man and youth aspiring healthy and wealthy lifestyle. As a result, you will be freed to live as a woman, man and even the youth you were created to be. Once this has been achieved, you will be free to embark on a life of true contentment, inner peace, meaning and lasting success.


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