At CMnetwork, we are dedicated to providing the necessary skills for life, experience and support to people who want to make a real difference in the world and experience joy, fulfilment and reward that comes with empowering others to enhance their lives and reach for their success as they define it.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. The first wealth is health, for he who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. However, many people spend their health gaining wealth and then spend their wealth regaining their health.

Health and Well-being

Most people don’t realize it but motivation can be an integral part of staying healthy. How? If people are motivated to have a better life or live a life that is free from worry or sickness, they will be able to get the maximum of everything their heart desires. For one to achieve this, he or she should have ‘’motivators’’.

Motivators may refer to people, things or even experiences that help a person get motivated and be inspired to achieve the goals she or he has set for himself or herself. For people who are aiming for a healthier and better life in general, here are some ways on how motivation itself can help you get by.


This may refer to doing things that you really like or enjoy with or without another person involved. Experts say that it is advisable first to find something that will make you happy even if you are not with anybody. The best thing to get started with this is developing a healthy lifestyle on your own. You can do this by assessing in yourself what are the bad habits that are bad for your health such as vices like smoking or drinking of alcohol, too much night life that gives you lesser sleep or eating unhealthy foods. Once you are able to identify the bad habits for your health, you can try addressing each one at a time. It is very important not to force or pressure yourself in doing or stopping doing something that you are not ready to give up. This is because you will just run in circles-without really accomplishing anything at all.


If you want to stay healthy, it is best that you are always motivated to stay healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to list down the things that you want to achieve and set a goal for yourself. If you are eyeing for a healthier life, then you must list down all your bad habits. Once you have done that, set a time frame when you think you are ready to give up that bad habit. Of course, readiness is very important but it does not mean that you have forever to do that. You must know within yourself when you think you are ready to give up that bad habit and give yourself a deadline. If you have a deadline, this will serve as a motivation for you to extra effort in achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


Since no man is an Island, it will be inevitable for you to feel the need to mingle with other people. But if you are really after your health, try to be around people who have healthy habits or those who have some goals as you are. This is very important so you won’t be swayed when you see somebody doing the things that you know are bad for your health. If you are in good company, you will be able to continue what you are doing and you can help or influence each other to stick to what you have started with. If you are in a company of people who are eyeing for the same as you are, you will easily get motivated to keep doing what you are doing until it becomes part of your entire system.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring have one core purpose which is helping others grow, develop and reach their full potential. Both methods give the opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for their own personal and career development. It will help you increase self-confidence, develop communication and leadership skills, and gain exposure to new perspectives. As a result, you will feel inspired and motivated to progress in achieving whichever goal you have set yourself.

Engaging in our coaching and mentoring programmes will lead to;

  1. A desire to develop
  2. Building trust between you and us
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Developing self-awareness
  5. Discussion of goals
  6. Exposure to new ways of thinking
  7. Skill development
  8. Focus on career progression
  9. The unlocking of someone’s potential

It is therefore wise to learn from the experience of others by investing in coaching and

As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or the time when we will fully bloom, it happens in it’s own time.


A New Era Demands New Training. You see, to actually live your true purpose in today’s complex and challenging times, you need more than just a passion for making a difference.

You will be empowered to access the tools, trainings and support you need to Flourish, Thrive and sour like an EAGLE. The truth is, if you cannot grow any further, you cannot go any further and this is when you need a push through training, getting a mentor or reading a nice book. Therefore, work towards improving your life, realise your creative gifts and talents, and participate in creating a better world for all.

Success is a combination of thinking the right way and taking the right action. Be smarter, work harder, invest in trainings.


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