Become The Better You


There are good plans for your life. You have what it takes to live up to your purpose and fulfilled life. Living a fulfilled happy life is not something you find but rather something you have to create yourself. Cecily Mwaniki’s book gives you the insights of ‘Becoming the Better You’. She writes about the benefits of actively working in the community with women, men and young people. ‘Becoming the Better You’ will enable you to;

Activate, stimulate and release the wealth of your potential.

Break free and leap over the limitations of past opinions and experiences.

If you have been frustrated by your dreams, ideas and visions, this book will activate your buried treasure and ignite the wheels of productivity. This delightful book will also be a treasured companion for years to come irrespective of who you are today.

‘Becoming the Better You’ will help you understand who a real man and woman are, how to have and live a happy marriage, how to beat all the odds as a youth and how to maximize your life. You will become bold enough to step out of your comfort zone to new things no man, woman or youth has done before because you will discover you have what it takes. ‘Becoming the Better You’ will also help you choose what to do with the hurts that come in your life for you can only do four things with them namely: nurse them, curse them, rehearse them or reverse them. You will appreciate that the past has gone forever but you still own the future for God has good plans for you.


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