The Wisdom Of Ages


Cecily Mwaniki continues to Inspire and Empower through her transformational writing. This is a MUST READ small powerful book that is aimed at confirming and affirming the greatness in you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. ‘The ‘Winner In You’ is natural, so explore and find it by ‘Investing In Yourself Wisely’ says Cecily. This book will support you change behaviour that does not work for you – invest in it all because, you have what it takes. For a world drowning in information yet starved of knowledge, Cecily Mwaniki shares the timeless wisdom. How to live well and wisely is the theme and Cecily skilfully lays it out on the bottom shelf – within easy reach of everyone. Written as an easy-to-read fable, ‘WISDOM OF AGES’ is a powerful small book that will deeply move and inspire you to become the kind of a person who touches lives, adds true value to the world and leaves a legacy that lasts. With masterful insight and brilliant simplicity, Cecily has distilled timeless wisdom for you to apply and boost morale, liberate loyalty and send productivity soaring in these uncertain economic times while creating far more fulfilling personal lives.


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