Confronting Life’s Inevitable Challenges In Style, a Smile And With Courage


Life is not a tournament for the fearful but for the determined, focused, tenacious and the faithful. If we are going to win in life’s inevitable battles, we must realize that all we have and hope for is at stake. We must therefore learn to rise above catastrophes as they will always come in order to make the most of life and fulfill our life’s destiny. This requires a deliberate strategy that puts us ahead of the game. In this groundbreaking book, Cecily demonstrates an unusual ability to inspire, uplift, teach, challenge and even comfort. In Confronting Life’s Inevitable Challenges, she shares a sound and empowering message on positive parenting in bringing out the best in our children, attaining success as we define it, attaining and living a happy marriage relationship including a soft focus on the so-called feminine virtues that assume the submissive role, attaining social health and wealth, and promoting our well-being. Cecily argues that if/when we choose wisely, life will be rich, and rewarding and never lose as long as we do so with a plan in our head and God in our hearts. The book therefore powerfully and persuasively speaks to families in need of love, peace, wisdom, health and wealth. You will realize that as Cecily puts it, every journey must start somewhere and the time is now if you are not already there. You will concur with Cecily that setbacks are really setups for you to reposition yourself for where you are going because where you now are is not your destination if you don’t stop. As you do so, Cecily urges you not to let your critics rob you of the reality of your destiny as she shares reality-based plans for those seeking to make the years ahead even more productive. In this must-read book, Cecily too shares her unique blend of tactical and pragmatic steps for embracing and expecting change rather than fearing it. An idea is stronger when it is shared. Says Cecily!


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