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Since I developed a passion in writing, I discovered how much I was denying myself in life by limiting myself in what I could achieve or become in life. It has now become a lifestyle to me without which I feel incomplete. I always like many people do held writer with high esteem and wondered how it felt like being one. When I slowly and surprised became one, I realised that regardless of the type of writing you do, there are many benefits about writing for a living which includes;

  1. Reaching people globally that you may meet in your lifetime
  2. It becomes easier to boost your business. Once you have something published, it is only a matter of time before you publish something else, and it gets easier with every book you write.
  3. You get personal satisfaction from beingIf you’ve published a book, that book becomes your baby that you will always be extremely proud of it besides the fulfilment you feel when you’ve finished a writing project
  4. You can use your career to your advantage. You can branch out and hold seminars and classes, because there will always be people who want to benefit from your knowledge.
  5. Being able to work from home.
  6. An endless potential for income, and the freedom and flexibility that most people don’t get to enjoy.

All these are unique things, and they can be yours if you decide to be a writer. Over the last ten years I have surprised myself with 12 self-published books which have taken me places including becoming an Award-winning writer in 2017 nominated by the African Women in Europe. Have a look at some of what has been said about my books which you can get yourself a copy of below.



Cecily’s continued passion for writing led her to write this book with the analogy of the use of ‘tools’. As you pick and choose which tool to use for the task you are undertaking, she urges you as you read through this book to take what is useful, leave what is useless and add a bit of yours but whatever you do, READ it with interest. This easy to carry around book will reassure you that we are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future. As Martin Luther King Jr reminds us here, Cecily encourages you to choose the suitable tools in this book to keep moving forward because stopping is not an option. As you do so, just remember to INHALE confidence and EXHALE doubt and take personal responsibility!

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If you’ve grown weary of the ranging battles between your true potential and your past painful experiences, it’s time to arm yourself with the understanding it takes to win the war. With grace and a tenacious spirit, Cecily Mwaniki, in this small powerful book encourages you to remain positive and true to yourself for as she says you cannot build a new life on old thoughts and habits and that life is like a difficult exam in which many people fail as they try to copy others not realising everyone has a different question paper. As Cecily puts it, wisdom is an accumulation of knowledge over the years. It is therefore not enough to be knowledgeable but rather the use of that knowledge makes us wise thereby living God’s purposeful life.

As for the ‘REGRETS’, Cecily encourages you to make them lessons because lessons make us wiser but only if we take heed – we experience, we learn, then we do better. This small powerful and easy to carry around book adds to your knowledge and the results of going through it will only make you thrive and soar in your career, your family, your business and your relationship with those around you. In life you live and you learn for life is not just a collection of time but of experiences too. Remember, self-investment leads to fortune. To my fellow loved ladies, this book will challenge you to: Look like a GIRL, Act like a LADY, Think like a MAN and Work like a BOSS. And don’t worry about where you are at the moment as long as you take action because success is connected with action; successful people keep moving – they make mistakes, but they don’t quit. I know you are a woman of purpose and as you know, a woman who walks in purpose does not have to chase people and opportunities but her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her. As you do so, remember: Life is short – live it; Love is rare – grab it; Anger is damp – damp it; Fear is awful – face it; Memories are sweet – cherish them. Above all remember, it is in understanding that you get understood!

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Cecily Mwaniki continues to Inspire and Empower through her transformational writing. This is a MUST READ small powerful book that is aimed at confirming and affirming the greatness in you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. ‘The ‘Winner In You’ is natural, so explore and find it by ‘Investing In Yourself Wisely’ says Cecily. This book will support you change behaviour that does not work for you – invest in it all because, you have what it takes. For a world drowning in information yet starved of knowledge, Cecily Mwaniki shares the timeless wisdom. How to live well and wisely is the theme and Cecily skilfully lays it out on the bottom shelf – within easy reach of everyone. Written as an easy-to-read fable, ‘WISDOM OF AGES’ is a powerful small book that will deeply move and inspire you to become the kind of a person who touches lives, adds true value to the world and leaves a legacy that lasts. With masterful insight and brilliant simplicity, Cecily has distilled timeless wisdom for you to apply and boost morale, liberate loyalty and send productivity soaring in these uncertain economic times while creating far more fulfilling personal lives.

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Life is not a tournament for the fearful but for the determined, focused, tenacious and the faithful. If we are going to win in life’s inevitable battles, we must realize that all we have and hope for is at stake. We must therefore learn to rise above catastrophes as they will always come in order to make the most of life and fulfill our life’s destiny. This requires a deliberate strategy that puts us ahead of the game.

In this ground breaking book, Cecily demonstrates an unusual ability to inspire, uplift, teach, challenge and even comfort. In Confronting Life’s Inevitable Challenges, she shares sound and empowering message on positive parenting in bringing out the best in our children, attaining success as we define it, attaining and living a happy marriage relationship including a soft focus on the so-called feminine virtues that assume the submissive role, attaining social health and wealth, and promoting our well-being. Cecily argues that if/when we choose wisely, life will be rich, rewarding and never lose as long as we do so with a plan in our head and God in your heart. The book therefore powerfully and persuasively speaks to families in need of love, peace, wisdom, health and wealth.

You will realize that as Cecily puts it, every journey must start somewhere and the time is now if you are not already there. You will concur with Cecily that setbacks are really setups for you to reposition yourself for where you are going because where you now are is not your destination if you don’t stop. As you do so, Cecily urges you not to let your critics rob you off the reality of your destiny as she shares reality-based plans for those seeking to make the years ahead even more productive. In this must-read book, Cecily too shares her unique blend of tactical and pragmatic steps for embracing and expecting change rather than fearing it.

An idea is stronger when it is shared. Says Cecily!

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The empowered 21st century woman projects a vision of today as the key to an empowered family, community and the Nation at large. This thoughtfully written book should encourage you to fan the flame inside of you until it burns brightly.

Discover and make use of the greatness that you already possess and for which you were created. Realize you have what it takes to achieve your hunger for adventure. Wanting to try something new is a wonderful desire; embracing life’s challenges and aiming high is what you were created for. Remember, building a better you is the first step to building a better society. This starts with the empowered 21st century woman who is the backbone of the family hence of the society.

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In this ground breaking book, Cecily Mwaniki, the author of ‘Becoming the Better You’ and ‘Dealing With and Overcoming the Challenges of the 21st Century’ empowers families to achieve health and wealth.

With her signature mix of insight, compassion and soul-deep recognition, Cecily equips families with empowering messages to influence them for change to achieve the most needed health and wealth for total well-being in the 21st century. Cecily has a burning passion to empower families and particularly women and young people who she believes are the backbone of the most desired healthy and wealthy families which impacts positively on the society. She challenges people to be the change they are desperately looking for in the world.

The message in this book is vital and is designed to impact and transform you in a positive way. You will be empowered and prepared to experience the abundant life with its highs and lows, changing seasons and ever expanding the horizons. You will realize the most desired success in a natural by man is already with you and only needs to be explored and lived.

This makes the ‘Empowered for Change to Achieve Total Well-being for a Healthier and Wealthier Family’ a must read for any modern woman, man and youth aspiring healthy and wealthy lifestyle. As a result, you will be freed to live as a woman, man and even youth you were created to be. Once this has been achieved, you will be free to embark on a life of true contentment, inner peace, meaning and lasting success.

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In life, you will become as small as your controlling desires and as great as your dominant aspirations. In all human affairs, there are efforts and there are results – and more often than not – the strength of the effort is the measure of the result – chance is not. Gifts, intellectual, spiritual and material possessions are the fruits of effort – they are thoughts completed, objectives accomplished and visions realized.

Yes, the challenges of the 21st century as manifested in the family, career, friendship and health are a daily battle. However, in this book, Cecily shows that small changes in your approach to dealing with and overcoming them will have a dramatic positive impact in your life. In the modern world and a time when these changes are inevitable, this book is invaluable.

Dealing with and overcoming the inevitable challenges of the 21st century calls for developing a definite purpose in your life to cultivating creative vision and changing established habits. In this book, Cecily explains how to go about this with penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes. Therefore, prepare to have your hope and energy rekindled and rejuvenated all because you already have what it takes to overcome them. You will discover how to overcome trials, setbacks and self-doubt as you press towards the reality of experiencing your dreams. You will then realize that today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

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There are good plans for your life. You have what it takes to living up to your purpose and fulfilled life. Living a fulfilled happy life is not something you find but rather something you have to create yourself. Cecily Mwaniki’s book gives you the insights of ‘Becoming the Better You’. She writes with the benefits of actively working in the community with women, men and the young people. ‘Becoming the Better You’ will enable you to;

  • Activate, stimulate and release the wealth of your potential.
  • Break free and leap over the limitations of past opinions and experiences.

If you have been frustrated by your dreams, ideas and visions, this book will activate your buried treasure and ignite the wheels of productivity. This delightful book will also be a treasured companion for years to come irrespective of who you are today.

‘Becoming the Better You’ will help you understand who a real man and woman is, how to have and live a happy marriage, how to beat all the odds as a youth and how to maximize your life. You will become bold enough to step out of your comfort zone to new things no man, woman or youth has done before because you will discover you have what it takes. ‘Becoming the Better you’ will also help you chose what to do with the hurts that come in your life for you can only do four things with them namely: nurse them, curse them, rehearse them or reverse them. You will appreciate that the past has gone forever but you still own the future for God has good plans for you.

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