"We know the Secrets To Your Success and will support you create it around your values, family and time."

Cecily Mwaniki

about us

When you sign up to CMnetwork, you join a network of the like minds geared towards holistic wellbeing and growth in the life’s journey. At CMnetwork we acknowledge and respect everyone’s potential, views, and values. We also strongly believe that your network is your networth and it is a mantra we daily encourage to think about as it helps you determine who you connect with every second. Be prepared to experience the high energy content-networking opportunities where we believe that success in life is nothing much but the fulfilment of purpose and not merely money which is the product of success. In CMnetwork we believe that a person’s useful asset is not a head of knowledge but rather a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others for dragging others down will never raise you up.

We Connect, Educate, Empower & Enrich.

Our Mission

To be a positive change to self, individual family, the community and together experience positive growth. Support you to start being the reason of your individual success as you define it and not focusing on what is holding you back.

Cecily Mwaniki says

My passion is to inspire and empower women and young people succeed by supporting them focus on what matters to them. I support them build and expand their capacity to develop skills, knowledge and positive attitudes that enable them fulfil their potential to not only benefit themselves but also their families and the communities in which they live in. I do this by organizing workshops/trainings, conferences, 1to 1 meetings and even recommending useful books to read as well writing books.

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