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CMNetwork | About us


Welcome to CMNetwork from the Managing Director, Cecily Mwaniki.

Cecily MwanikiMy passion is to inspire and empower women and young people succeed by supporting them focus on what matters to them. I support them build  and expand their capacity to develop skills, knowledge and positive attitudes that enable them fulfill their potential to not only benefit themselves but also their families and the communities in which they live in. I do this by organizing workshops/trainings, conferences, 1to 1 meetings and even recommending useful books to read as well writing books.

You may not want to build an empire like many men and women have but I just know every woman wants that extra-ordinary life built around their values, their freedom and their families. I have published five books and a number of articles in different topics including women: Health & Wealth; Effective networking; Happy relationship dilemma; Financial well-being.

On a more personal note, I am happily married with two children and I have first hand experience of balancing family, education, work, career and community work. My personal time is special to me, especially spending quality time with my family and my ‘’alone’’ time to recharge my batteries. I take pleasure in networking, travelling, reading and writing.

My professional background, being bilingual (English, Swahili and Kikuyu) and having seen a need and value to empower women and young people, I did a degree in Women Studies after leaving my teaching career. I took another degree in Substance Use and Misuse and a Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion. I have done a number of professional studies including Equality & Diversity, Chartered Management, Project Management. My eight years experience working with women and men who have gone through the Criminal Justice System and struggling with substance use &  misuse gave me an insight of how life’s issues can be challenging and how important social networks and family are in dealing with them. This greatly motivated me to founding the ‘’UTULIVU’’ Organisation which in 2011 got the Queens Award for voluntary service among other seven organisations in Berkshire UK.This earned me the opportunity of being invited to Burkingham Palace for tea with the Queen at her annual Tea Garden Party and to celebrate her Golden Jubilee the following year.This was a life changing experience.

Having migrated from Kenya to UK, I just know how important social networks are in achieving /fulfilling your potential without fire fighting or making obvious mistakes because you don’t know how. Social network has definitely worked for me. My mission is therefore to empower you by equipping you with the necessary skills to fulfilling your potential and make the most needed change while meeting the most wanting needs in the society and the world at large.

My motto in life has always been Aspiring To Inspire Before I Expire. Why not get in touch with us and be inspired, empowered and soar like an Eagle? You have what it takes.

We know the Secrets to Your Success and will support you create it around your values, family and time.

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